Why Uptown Music?

The Uptown Music Collective is a nonprofit School of Music. Established in May of 2000, the Uptown Music Collective is north central Pennsylvania’s premier source of music education, offering students of all ages high quality guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, drum and voice lessons in all styles, and at all levels.

Our Mission & Vision

“To provide a resource for higher musical education in all genres, at all levels and on all instruments, in a safe and open environment, stressing high impact musical experiences intended to instill a love of music, a strong sense of community and an understanding of the importance of discipline, hard work and self-expression in all students, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or economic status.”
The Uptown Music Collective is a vibrant musical community where staff, teachers, students and supporters alike revel in their passion for music. Musicians of all levels and from all walks of life mingle together, sharing their knowledge, experience and energy. We emphasize: the mechanics of playing the instrument, the development of the ear, the importance of focus and memory, the understanding of theory, the reading and writing of music, and most importantly, the power of music when used as a means of self expression and spiritual fulfillment.

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